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0.18MM 11U Curved Flat Medium Taper

0.18MM 11U Curved Flat Medium Taper

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Box Content: (10) Needles with Soft Finger Grip per box

For increased efficiency and maximum precision, choose the 11U Curved Flat needle for treatments that require linework or hair strokes, especially nano brows. The U-shaped profile allows for seamless skin entry, perfect for creating defined hair strokes, whether curved or straight. The needle diameter of 0.18 mm, allows for excellent hair stroke and linework visibility. Additionally, the medium taper implants more pigment per touch, for faster saturation.

The 11U Curved Flat needle can be used to create straighter hair strokes and is a good choice for clients with thicker brows. It's also great for covering more surface area when used for lining.

Configuration: 11 needles in a flat, single row with curved edges

Diameter: 0.18 mm

Taper: Medium - 3.5 mm

Fits: Rotary machines

Procedure suitability: Brows, lips, eyeliner, or any area that requires linework

Best for: Linework/hair strokes

Skin type: All — from thin to thick, sensitive to non-sensitive

Safe & sterile: Full membrane to prevent backflow and EO gas sterilized


  • No-drip tip to reduce pigment pooling
  • 304 surgical grade stainless steel
  • 0.25mm needle
  • EO gas sterilized
  • Disposable
  • Full safety membrane


Universal cartridge design is compatible with all rotary machines, not compatible with PMU digital machines/devices.

Compatible with the following rotary machines: AXYS Valhalla, AXYS Valkyr, Bellar, Bellar V2, Bellar Air, Bishop wands, Brow Daddy Cleo, Cheyenne Artyst, Cheyenne H2, Cheyenne Hawk, Cheyenne Sol, Dragonhawk Mast, Dragonhawk P20, Flux, Flux S, Flux Mini, Lula PM20, Perma Pen, Rook Quill, Xion, Xion S, Xion Mini, and more.

Not compatible with the following PMU machines/devices: Amiea, Artmex, Biomaser, Biotek, Bomtech, Charme, Giant Sun, Golden Eye, Infinity, Meicha, Nouveau Contour, PhiBrows, Purebeau, Slay Bae, and more.

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