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Pink Blush Academy & Beauty

16 CF Curved Nano Microblade

16 CF Curved Nano Microblade

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16CF Pink Blush Ink Nano Microblade (10 per box)

Use For: Thinner Brows - Crisp Precise Strokes

This 16CF Nano Microblade is an extremely versatile tool that is designed for not only beginners, but ideal for expert artists looking to create curved hair strokes with precision and ease. Perfect for creating crisp, precise fine hair stokes.

Blade Design: 16 needle nano microblade with pointed tip, 30% comfort angle design, 0.18mm needles

Comfort Handle: Lightweight contoured handle

Needle casing: Flexible plastic needle wrapper, Individually wrapped EO Gas Sterilized Blister Packs

Featuring: A flexible, super fine nano blade

Ideal For: Detail work and creating fine hair strokes, or use to create fuller brows

Experience Level: Built for beginners or experienced artists who prefer a nano blade

Packaging: No assembly required

Includes: 10 nano microblades per box


  • Surgical 316 grade stainless steel
  • 0.18mm nano needle
  • EO gas sterilized
  • Disposable
  • Protective cap
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